Boulder Creek Backpacking Trip

I like mid morning starts. Speaks to my inner laziness. Me and my dad headed out from the trailhead around 9am (yeah thats mid morning to me) with a nice little two day loop in mind, but with an eye on possible weather coming in and changing our plans.




Boulder Lake. We were heading up valley.


The trail basically disappeared after a little ways after Boulder Lake. Which meant several miles of bushwhacking was in store.


Waterfalls everywhere!


Got to the unnamed lake at 10984 to find two other groups there, and a nice afternoon thunderstorm to greet us as well. We headed up to the west above this main lake to our completely unnamed and unmarked lake, which we had to ourselves. We had a short break from the rain, which we used to set up the tent. This was the maiden voyage of the Tarptent Cloudburst I had just bought, and I was hoping I had seam sealed it correctly.


The rain passed and slowly started to clear, letting us have some exploration time.


Having got fairly soaked and being up high, we were a tad chilly, so we made a small fire after dinner and watched the stars come out.


The morning had some sunshine, but the clouds were coming. We had a decision to make: should we continue with the plan and go over the “pass” to the next valley to the south, or should we just stay put and maybe move to a different lake? The pass we were thinking was all talus rock, and with rain coming in, it didn’t sound all that appealing, so we decided to stay in the valley and move down to the lower lake where it was hopefully warmer.



Our pass obscured by clouds.


Our neighbors that were at this lake yesterday had vanished, leaving us alone in the valley.


We were freezing. Everything was soaked, just from walking around. So we decided to build another fire to hopefully dry some stuff out and maybe not get hypothermic.



It was colder that night, as the clouds left and clear skies prevailed. With a slight wind coming through the valley, we were really happy we built a fire.


After slowly warming up with the sun shining on us, we packed up and headed out. In our walking around the lake, we had found what looked like a trial heading back down the valley, so we decided to check it out and maybe skip the miles of bushwhacking we had done on the way up.


Back down a very nice trial through beautiful forest, it was a nice hike out back to the car, and back to dry clothes.

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