Moab & The La Sal’s Backcountry Ski Trip

Road trip time! Went with my parents to Moab for a few days to go ski the Abajo’s & La Sal’s, the two nearby mountain ranges of Moab, UT.

After arriving in Moab, we headed back to Arches to spend some time with the rocks.


After a nice evening in the park, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our first day of skiing in the Abajo’s. Unfortunately, I forgot to change camera batteries, so I got stuck with the iPhone all day.


Got some nice lines on the north side of Abajo Peak. Cool mountain range, but we were glad to have the snowmobile, its a pretty long tour in to get to anything at all worth skiing.

The next day we headed out a little closer to town to the La Sal’s, the mountains right outside Moab. We started out on the sled from Geyser Pass, and headed back in a little bit to ski some stuff off Mount Mellanthin.


Found some really fun and steep terrain, and decided to go check out the North Woods in Gold Basin, a neighboring valley.


Flats are more fun when you go 45mph over them on the sled…


We were a few days too late to the North Woods, as it was really skied out. Still fun though, lots of spring time lines to be had in this range. A fun trip to ski some stuff I hadn’t before, and planted the seed for more adventures in the future. On the way back I detoured down to Silverton for a day at my favorite resort in Colorado. Since I was solo, I didn’t take many photos, just one on one of our hikes.


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